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Korean Minjok Leadership Academy(KMLA)
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Educational Planning

Division of Educational Planning(DEP)

The DEP designs and implements gifted education programs and opportunities that accord with KMLA’s goals and philosophy. The DEP also develops short and long term plans to enhance all aspects of a KMLA education and devises models for selecting applicants and transfer students, aiming to select the best students who demonstrate the greatest potential. Through school seminars, school visits, active exchanges between domestic and foreign educational institutions, and public relations efforts, the DEP promotes KMLA’s reputation as a global, world-class school. The DEP oversees multiple departments: Office of Strategic Planning, Admissions Office, Office of International Public Relations, and the Office of Domestic Public Relations.

1. Office of Strategic Planning

With the rapidly evolving national education and admissions policies, KMLA is committed to updating its school education plans and policies to ensure compliance. A fair and effective educational evaluation system that can easily be adapted to the changing environment is crucial for the management of the school. To carry out these objectives, the office of Strategic Planning reviews and modifies the long and short term development plans for the school, develops and implements policies and seeks to optimize all educational planning matters by conducting research on effectiveness of a KMLA education for students, along with application procedures.

▼ Main Duties

(1) Short and long-term development planning
(2) Teacher welfare and evaluations
(3) Comprehensive analysis of academic performance and admission results
(4) Compile information on domestic schools and those abroad
(5) Establish networks between parents and the students for internship opportunities

2. Admissions Office

KMLA’s goal is to raise creative leaders with a global perspective who have been imbued with civic virtue and national spirit. To select students who are best fit for KMLA’s goals and philosophy, the admissions office develops and oversees the admission process each year, provides information regarding admissions to the public, and manages applicants throughout the admission process.

1. Application Management

  - Guide incoming freshmen and transfer applicants in the admission process
  - Plan and manage admissions for all students

2. Conduct Information-Sessions

  - More than 7 seminars are held throughout the nation twice per year
  - Provide information to prospective applicants and their families on KMLA’s education system, along with the school's policies and plans regarding the selection process for new students

3. Supports school visiting programs

  - Support campus visitation programs

3. Office of International Affairs

The goal of the Office of International Affairs is to assist in KMLA projects that involve providing or sharing information with groups outside Korea. Realizing this goal includes: assisting in the editing of materials that require English for public relations purposes (i.e., English Brochure), correspondence with overseas groups seeking information about KMLA, organizing campus tours and open house classes for foreign visitors, and assisting in the establishing of sister school relations with international schools.

(1) Sister school relations
(2) KMLA English Brochure
(3) Official school website, English version
(4) Student Interns
(5) Hosting international visitors

4. Office of Public Relations

The Office of Public Relations actively promotes the school founder's philosophy, values, educational materials, and methods.

1. School Promotion

a) Publications, including school brochures and student newspapers
b) Official school website, Korean version
c) Management of the online student diaries on the homepage
d) Hosting domestic visitors

2. External Cooperation

a) Exchanges with domestic educational institutions
  - KMLA
  - Kangwon Science High School
  - Kangwon Foreign Language High School cooperation
b) Exchanges with domestic institutions
  - Sororal ties with the Air Force the 8th fighter Wing
  - Sororal ties with the King Munmu the Great
  - Sororal ties with the 3rd Armor Brigade of Korean Army
c) Exchanges with alumni and parents
  - Providing information on higher education and career paths to students by alumni or parents
  - Support Homecoming events

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