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Korean Minjok Leadership Academy(KMLA)
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From the Headmaster
Korean Minjok Leadership Academy(KMLA) was established in 1996 by Myung Jae Choi, chairman of the foundation to educate future leaders of various fields who "study and practice the field of their own choosing, based on their talents and aptitudes, and devote themselves to making Korea and the world a better place"

One of the most prominent characteristics of KMLA is shown in the classroom. KMLA's educational contents and methods are quite different from those of other Korean high schools that are primarily focused on education for the college entrance examination, centering on memorization. Considering the students' academic ability, academic level, and interests, we make use of a wide variety of materials including domestic and overseas learning materials, textbooks used in prestigious high schools and colleges in the United States and Great Britain, and academic essays andd scholarly papers. We aim to cultivate students' creativity through lively discussion and research. This explains why KMLA students have been reaping outstanding results in such fields of international academic competitions as physics, mathematics, environmental science, and linguistics.

Mindful that a strong and healthy body is the most important thing in our life, we provide students with a lot of opportunities to do sports activities. Students are required to engage either in kendo, taekwondo, traditional archery, or jogging as an early morning exercise, and they can choose among many sports such as horseback riding, golf, skiing, basketball, volleyball, and rowing for their PE class or club activity. It is no wonder that KMLA students have been doing very well in the National Sports Festival and other various sports competitions.

We also put emphasis on fostering students' emotional development through the education of music, art, calligraphy, and literature. Students are required to play the traditional Korean musical instrument--Gayakum for girl students and Daegum for boy students--to a certain level. They are also encouraged to learn to play western musical instruments. Everyone who watched KMLA Music Festival held annually in November admires our students' musical talents and the quality of the concerts.

We encourage our students to participate in a variety of volunteer activities so as to help them to cultivate body and mind, and thus assist those in need; to devote themselves for the sake of the Korean people and world.

In order to be global leaders, students ought to know first who they are and what they inherited, our source of pride and dignity. KMLA students then learn about and practice the national spirit, history, culture--values of Korea--and develop personal qualities and abilities to enhance the virtues.

While we take seriously the education for the whole person who keeps a balance vis-a-vis knowledge, virtue, and bodily health, we also lay stress on English, asking our students to use English freely in and out of the classroom, because, in this globalized age, English is an important tool in the world stage of competition and cooperation.

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