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Korean Minjok Leadership Academy(KMLA)
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Objectives of education
Nurturing creative, global, servant leaders with patriotism and global vision

In the midst of rapid globalization and increasing access to information, cultural education which celebrates and preserves national identity is required. Our school fosters creative talent through gifted education. At the same time, we nurture leaders with diverse backgrounds to create a brighter future for the nation and contribute to the improvement of human welfare, by encouraging students to inherit traditional values and customs.

We celebrate two historical figures, Choongmogong Lee Sun-Shin and Dasan Jung Yak-Yong as symbols of our school. Their accomplishments serve as excellent examples of the spirit needed to foster a strong nation and lasting contribution to the world. As part of our cultural education, students study Korean ethics, music, language and history in the Cultural Center and are brought on field trips to war memorials, museums, and other historically important sites. The goal is to infuse a sense of history and the spirit of reunification within the current generation.

Cultural education regarding the instillation of filial piety fulfills a core component of our philosophy : we encourage students to foster filial piety through Honjung and Sinsung (traditional courteous greetings to parents in the morning and night) on a daily basis. Students are taught to do the same when they return home. Also, the school provides education about traditional courtesy through the study of classic texts such as Myung shim Bo Gam, So Hak, and Non Uh.

Students must wear hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) as school uniforms. Students learn traditional games such as swing, Korean tackling, Jegichagi, Tuho during the Three Generations Folk Sports Festival. Students are required to take traditional music courses. Students are required to take traditional music courses during music classes. Students are required to take traditional archery class in Physical education session. Students can choose between two traditional martial arts, Taekwondo and Keundo, for the 30 minute morning exercise.

Providing optimal developmental opportunities, as the gifted are resources of the nation and society, is the goal of a KMLA education.

Optimal Educational Opportunities All students should have opportunity to receive the optimal education for their skills and talents forms the core concept of our educational philosophy. Just as we provide the best studying environment for students who are in special situations (disabled students for example) and allow them to develop their abilities as a full-fledged member of society, special treatment (gifted education) is necessary to meet the demands of the gifted who display outstanding ability in special fields.

Resources of the Nation and Society The gifted have a great possibility of contributing to national interests and the world by creating new and indispensable knowledge and information. The achievement of these students doesn’t end at the personal level but contributes greatly to the enhancement of human welfare. Therefore, we should educate them so that they recognize themselves as resources of not only the nation and society, but the world.

Formation of righteous and honorable ethics Our students display outstanding ability in various fields. The harm that could result when their abilities are used for selfish or anti-social purposes goes beyond imagination. Thus, we should educate them to form salutary ethical views so they positively influence society, the nation, and the world.
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