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Korean Minjok Leadership Academy(KMLA)
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Special Programs

Enrichment Education

In-depth subjects beyond the scope of regular classes are offered to satisfy the intellectual curiosity of KMLA students. More importantly, to provide opportunities for students explore and prepare for their future dreams, Individual Research (IR) is a major component of the school curriculum. Eight hours per week are reserved for IR, which focuses on self-directed learning. IR classes also enable teachers to mentor students as they design their theoretical models, experiment set-ups, and conduct research.

Unique among Korean secondary schools, KMLA also provides a Summer Session program. It takes place between the conclusion of the first semester and start of summer break. Lasting some three weeks in duration, Summer Session enables students to intensively study courses that interest them, complete credit requirements for the regular curriculum, or even earn credit for activities off campus.

The 6 Minjok Virtues

To raise students who will become leaders on the world stage while fulfilling the educational goals of the school, KMLA encourages students to master six fields, which will equip them with the creative ethos necessary for a global leader:
Foreign Language Skills: necessary to communicate in the global community (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Latin are currently offered)
Chinese characters and the understanding of the Eastern and Western classics
Mental and Physical Training
Academics and Art: developing intellectually and spiritually while continuing the proud traditions and ethos of Korea to stand tall in the world
Volunteer Work: to work in the service of those in need
Reading: to develop broad knowledge

English Only Policy (EOP)

KMLA’s English Only Policy (EOP) is promoted on campus to ensure fluency as they become true global leaders. KMLA encourages EOP in everyday life, which proceeds in class through the strategies below.
1st step

- Basic material words(Terminology) education

- Using Korean while supporting class lectures with English

2nd step - Using English while supporting class lectures with Korean
3rd step - Using only English in class


To cultivate the strong ethics of a true leader, school exams at KMLA are administered without proctored supervision. A true leader must know how to manage themselves responsibly, and the unsupervised exam system allows students to develop self-discipline and an honorable conscience.

3 step education

KMLA’s ratio of students to teachers is approximately six to one. Most classes consist of less than 15 students, which allows them to follow our 3 Step Education system: teaching/lectures, discussion/debate, and writing/tutoring. An open class environment is maintained so that students can freely debate. KMLA also maintains an advanced system for academic management where academic advisors (two teachers assigned to each class, one as main advisor and the other as vice-advisor) guide and oversee the general academics of students in the class.

Convergence Program

To foster gifted leaders possessed with creative problem-solving abilities, KMLA requires students to participate in the Convergence Program, an interdisciplinary opportunity based on humanistic imagination and scientific rationality.

The Convergence Program consists of three stages: Convergence Reading, Convergence Imagination and, finally, a Convergence Project. In Convergence Reading, students gain foundational knowledge through extensive reading across multiple academic fields. They then explore and develop creative solutions in their Convergence Imagination subjects and activities. The final stage is the Convergence Project, a process that allows students to develop their problem-solving skills by establishing their own themes and producing actual results through peer collaboration.

Freshmen are required to take Convergence Reading in their first semester. They move on to Convergence Imagination in their second semester, or can opt to continue with Convergence Reading. In their second year, students can begin their Convergence Project or continue with Convergence Imagination. In their second semester of senior year, students can autonomously decide their Convergence Project.

Summer & Winter Camps

Twice per year, KMLA hosts the Global Leadership Program for Students (GLPS). About 400 students from grades 5 through 8 spend three weeks at KMLA during winter and summer break. They can choose between the Classic Program (Research & Presentation, Debate and Global Awareness), or the Active Program (Storytelling, Nature Observation and Experiment & Report Writing). GLPS participants also get to experience dormitory life alongside KMLA students who mentor, teach and guide them.

The KMLA Science & Math Program (KSMP) also takes place twice per year. The KSMP is a selective 10 day program where 120 students intensively study math, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, or information technology with a KMLA teacher. The approach is hands on. Students conduct experiments, work on scientific research projects, and prepare for Olympiads, establishing a concrete foundation for their scientific education.
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