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Korean Minjok Leadership Academy(KMLA)
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Special Programs

Enrichment Education

In depth subjects beyond the scope of regular classes are opened in order to satisfy the diverse intellectual curiosity of students. More importantly, in order to provide opportunities for students to take subjects and courses that are more related to their future dreams, Individual Research (IR) is a major component of the school curriculum. Eight hours every week are reserved for IR, making it possible for self-directed learning. The 7th and 8th period during the regular semester can be utilized to take these in depth enriched classes. In addition, IR classes add depth to standard curriculum as the teachers research along with students.

Summer session is also available for students. Summer sessions are held after the seventeenth week of the first semester and used in order to earn credits for outside school activities, volunteer work, or fulfilling credit requirements in the regular curriculum. Courses run three and a half weeks, two to four hours a day(based on 17 hours for one credit).

The 6 Minjok Virtues

In order to raise students that can act as leaders on the world stage while meeting the educational goals of the school, KMLA encourages students to master six fields to be best equipped with a creative ethos necessary for a global leader:
Foreign Language Skills: needed in order to communicate in a global society (English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Latin are currently offered)
Chinese characters and the understanding of the Eastern and Western classics
Mental and Physical Training
Academics and Art: To develop intellectually and spiritually in order to continue the proud traditions and ethos of Korea and stand tall in front of the world
Volunteer work: to develop the personality to care for our neighbors and ourselves.
Reading: to help develop personality and broad knowledge

English Only Policy(EOP)

Our school’s English Only Policy is promoted on campus to ensure student fluency so as to become true global leaders. The Korean Minjok Leadership Academy now complies with the EOP in everyday life, and the EOP in classes is proceeding with the strategies below.
1st step

- Basic material words(Terminology) education

- Using Korean while supporting the class lectures with English

2nd step - Using English while supporting the class lectures with Korean
3rd step - Using only English in class


In order to cultivate the humanity of a true leader, school exams at KMLA are administered without a supervisor. A true leader must know how to manage themselves responsibly, and the unsupervised exam system allows students to develop self discipline and an honorable conscience.

3 step education

Our school's ratio of students to teachers is approximately six to one: a better educational environment than that of famous private academies abroad. Each class consists of less than 15 students, which allows students to follow the three step education system of teaching/lecture, discussion/debate, writing/tutoring; a open class environment is maintained so that students can freely debate. The school also maintains an advanced system for academic management where academic advisors(two teachers assigned to each class: one main advisor and one vice advisor) are in charge of the general academics of students in the class.

Early graduation

Our school permits early graduation in order to help outstanding students go to colleges when they are ready. At the beginning of sophomore year, students can apply for early graduation and are permitted only when they have achieved a high level of academic performance in the first and second semesters of the tenth grade. The domestic counseling office offers counseling and advice for students who wish to graduate early; it also provides sufficient information on college admission so that students can thoroughly prepare for interviews and the KSAT(Korean SAT). Aside from early graduation, students who begin attending the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) after sophomore year receive a diploma of honor the year after.

Camps and Competitions for middle school students

English Debate Competition : KMLA regularly hosts the nationwide Middle School Debate Competition. To participate in the former, student applicants must demonstrate a high level of English through scores on the IBT TOEFL or TEPS test, and pass an essay writing contest. Many of the past winners have gone on to not only become KMLA students, but join the English Debate Society at KMLA, a multiple award winning club.

Global Leadership Program for Students(GLPS) : Twice a year KMLA hosts the GLPS program for grades 5-8. About 400 students spend a month at KMLA, studying history, composition, debate, and athletics, while performing in a number of creative activities and participating in a number of competitions.

KMLA Science/Math Program for students(KSMP) : Twice a year KMLA hosts the 10 day KSMP program, an opportunity for 120 select students to study math, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and information technology. The approach is hands on: students conduct experiments, work on scientific research projects, and prepare for Olympiads, establishing a concrete scientific education.
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