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Korean Minjok Leadership Academy(KMLA)
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Academic Affairs

Division of Academic Affairs(DAA)

Academic activities at KMLA aim to instill national identity while enhancing the academic abilities of our gifted students. To realize these goals, the DAA serves as the coordinating center that organizes school events and oversees the academic curriculum.

KMLA strives for excellence in fulfilling the academic and extracurricular needs of our students. Serving prospective global leaders, the DAA develops new programs that enhance the lively yet academically rigorous atmosphere of KMLA. The DAA also focuses on extracurricular programs to help students gain meaningful experience by taking full advantage of their boarding school life.

1. Office of Education Information Management

KMLA provides a variety of courses open to students regardless of field (domestic/international) or grade to help them determine and prepare for their future career. For students seeking advanced teachings, courses at the undergraduate level are also offered.

The Office of Education Information Management compiles data on every student and creates a personalized course system for every student for use by the college counseling office. The office manages the process for midterm and final exams, along with National Assessment Tests. It also manages student attendance records and the 6 Minjok Virtues.

The Office of Education Information Management also oversees the content within each student transcript: Personal Data, School Register, Attendance Record, Awards, Certificates, Career Counseling, Creative Programs, Special Achievements, Extracurricular Activities, Academic Abilities, Books Read, and Overall Comments

2. Library

The Mangyeong Library is located on the first floor of Chungmoo Hall. Staffed with two full-time librarians, it is equipped with computers offering access to the Worldwide Net and Online Resources: KISS, DBPIA, KRPIA, KERIS.

Reflecting its excellence among secondary school libraries nationwide, the Mangyeong Library received the Prime Minister’s Award in 2008 and the Minister of Culture & Tourism award in 2009.

The Mangyeong Library aims to achieve the following: build an environment so that teachers and students can obtain support easily and efficiently, instill in students that reading is the best way to gain humanistic knowledge, encourage an atmosphere where the entire school community reads extensively, and promote relaxation through reading.
800 Bongwha-ro, Anheung-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do 25268, Republic of Korea
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