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Korean Minjok Leadership Academy(KMLA)
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Student Affairs

Division of Student Affairs(DSA)

The DSA seeks to foster positive lifestyle habits among students:

- Guidance to instill strong self-discipline
- Guidance on manners to develop respect towards elders
- Guidance on leading a life of public service
- Guidance on values, morality, honor, and national identity
- Guidance to encourage participation and teamwork
- Guidance in leadership training

 5 main focuses

Discipline: ensure students follow school regulations
Guidance on Events: support in carrying out school events such as the Minjok Festival, Minjok Academic Festival, Coming-of-age Ceremony, Charity performance, Student Council Elections, etc.
Fostering Student Independence: how to live with others and create a safe and sound community
Guidance on Health: utilizing campus health services and engaging in educational programs
Individual Counseling
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