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Korean Minjok Leadership Academy(KMLA)
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School History
2013 07.09 Signed a MOU with Taekwondowon
05.11 Held the first KMLA Essay competition for middle school students
03.01 The 18th entrance ceremony (153 students)
02.18 The 15th graduation ceremony (158 students, cumulative 1,460 students)
2012 11.17 Held the second KMLA music concert
10.19 Signed a MOU with The 3rd Armor Brigade of Korean Army
09.24 Modified the English titles of departments, positions and offices
04.14 Signed up to be a member of G-20 High School
03.01 The 17th entrance ceremony (151 students)

Dr. Yun Chung-il inaugurated as the 7th headmaster of the school
Overall implementation of a five-day study week system

02.18 The 14th graduation ceremony (148 students, cumulative 1,302 students)
2011 11.19 Held the first KMLA sponsored music concert
11.02 Finished construction of the Futsal playground
10.19 School library received the prize of Prime Minister
07.20 Changed the Life-long Education Institute to Education Research Center
06.10 Held the first KMLA-KSA sports intercourse competition
05.11 Published the first edition of KMLA e-Newsletter
03.01 The 16th entrance ceremony (161 students)

Applied Incentive System for teachers & administrative personnel

02.11 The 13th graduation ceremony (157 students, cumulative 1,154 students)
2010 11.20 Changed the school name from Chinese characters to Korean
11.08 New students admitted only with GPAs and interviews, no written examination
06.30 Chartered as autonomous private high school
04.22 Signed a MOU contract with Harvergal College in Canada
03.01 The 15th entrance ceremony (159 students)/ increased the number of

students (From 150 students and 10 classes to 165 students and 11 classes)

02.20 The 12th graduation ceremony (150 students)
02.01 Introduced Deputy Headmaster's term of office system
2009 10.23 Changed the school phone line system into internet-based phone lines
10.20 Started using the English education center (12 classrooms)
06.09 Signed an MOU with Gangwon science high school and Gangwon foreign language high school
05.18 Signed an MOU with Raffles Institute of Singapore
05.09 Held the first Korean aptitude competition for middle school students
03.01 Refined the school rules and published the school rule book
02.01 Made swimming 100 meters and CPR education mandatory
2008 12.12 Received the Prime Minister Award in the national evaluation of school libraries
03.01 Dr. Yun Chung-il inaugurated as the 6th headmaster of the school / Started to implement the

mixed class(10th grade - 12th grade), the policy of integrated curriculum without specified fields (Starting from the 13th wavers)

2007 12.28 Designated by WSJ as the premiere high school outside of America for admission to prestigious

American universities (32nd world ranking)

12.      Designated as an ACT test center by incorporation
06.07 Started the first summer session
02.      Designated as the worldĄŻs best high school for advanced placement in the subject of statistics,

calculus, physics, chemistry, microeconomics and macroeconomics

2006 11.08 Signed an MOU with Secondary school NO. 2. of Kharhorin in Mongolia
03.01 Implemented tripartite political system of student council
02.07 Designated as the worldĄŻs best high school for advanced placement in the subject of

AP calculus BC, Physics B, Micro-economics, Macro-economics

2005 10.17 Implemented the Non-supervisor-exam policy
2004 11.01 Established wireless internet system all over campus
10.02 Received Global Korea Award 2004
09.20 Designated as an SAT, PSAT test center by ETS
06.26 Held the first KMLA debate championship
03.15 Started to implement the individual research (IR) policy
01.07 Opened the Life-long Education Institute
01.05 Held the first Global Leadership Program for Students (GLPS)
2003 12.24 Opened the KMLA international education research center, Gifted Education research center and

Minjok Education research center

11.06 Held the first KMLA music concert by Minjokgo Saranghwe
08.31 Inauguration of the 5th headmaster of the school, Dr. Lee Don-Hee
06.06 Held the first KMLA math competition for middle school students
2002 05.06 Conducted the Advanced Placement tests
03.01 Inauguration of the 4th headmaster, Mr. Choi Myung-Jae
2001 10.20 Designated for a trial operation as autonomous private high schools
03.20 Designated as an official Advanced Placement Test Center by ETS
2000 09.23 Held the first Minjok Festival
03.01 Inauguration of the 3rd headmaster of the school, Mr. Jang Young-Bok
1999 12.15 Construction of new dormitory building
08.16 Creation of the international division of Korean Minjok Leadership Academy
02.07 Held the first graduation ceremony
01.18 Applied the English only policy (EOP)and 3 step education in all class curriculums
1998 10.31 Started to publish The Minjok Herald (student newspaper)
10.24 Held the Three generation folklore sports festival
03.02 Implementation of 3 step education


03.01 Designated as the trial operation school for gifted education by Korean Educational

Development Institution

02.16 Certification ceremony for the special entrants of KAIST
1997 11.06 Acquired the permission to establish international high school
10.11 Construction of Dasan building
10.09 Establishment of sisterhood relationship with the 8th combative air forces
03.01 Inauguration of the 2nd headmaster, Mr. Kim Yong-Jae
01.06 The implementation of English Only Policy (EOP)
1996 12.22 Construction of gymnasium
03.01 Inauguration ceremony of the school
1995 10.16 Acquired the permission to establish Korean Minjok Leadership Academy
03.01 Created the preparatory committee for the opening of the school. Inauguration of the first

headmaster, Mr. Lee Gyu-Chul

1993 04.16 Acquired the permission to establish Educational foundation, Myung-Jae Academy

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