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Summer Session

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Summer Session

Summer Session is unique to KMLA. It takes place for about two to three weeks, just after the first semester ends but before summer break begins. Because the first semester starts in February - earlier than most schools in Korea - KMLA students have almost an extra month after final exams conclude. So, to allow them freedom in choosing classes while also exploring their dreams, the school introduced “Summer Session.” During this period, students can ask teachers to create special courses so they can explore their specific interests, and teachers can open courses that are either graded or ungraded.

As a result, hundreds of courses are opened for students. These include everything from filmmaking, coffee brewing and linear algebra to busking, observational astronomy, engineering mathematics, horseback riding, geographical field research, and more.

Furthermore, students are not required to fill their entire day with courses. Accordingly, some use their free periods simply to rest or study independently.

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