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The Dormitory Mentoring System of KMLA

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The Dormitory Mentoring System of KMLA

KMLA (short for Korean Minjok Leadership Academy) is a dormitory school, which fosters strong bonds between students in each grade level. Since all students live in the same building, they are able to closely interact on a daily basis. KMLA also has a mentoring system called the “Matching Room System” within the dorm, whereby second year students (juniors) supervise and assist incoming freshmen during their first semester at the school. Each floor has the same number of rooms for juniors and freshmen (there are 6 people per room, 3 in each suite), with each freshmen room located next to one composed of juniors.

The juniors help their assigned freshmen in various ways. For example, the freshmen are usually unaware of how to clean their room in an orderly way, or how to wear their school uniform the correct way. So, the juniors teach them about these and other things and help them adjust quickly in the school. In short, the juniors act as an older sibling within the school community, which we call the KMLA Family.

For incoming freshmen, the juniors next door are among the first students they meet on campus, so they become very attached to them. The same is true for the juniors. They get to recall the many challenges they faced when they entered KMLA, which motivates them to help the freshmen as much as they can. These two-way interactions then lead to lasting friendships, shown in the picture above when dorm neighbors composed of freshmen and juniors joined hands in attending the Welcome Party for freshmen.

KMLA is a small school, with only about 150 students per grade. This enables everyone to really connect and become close with one another, which is very helpful in a boarding school.

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