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Coming-of-Age Ceremony

페이지 정보

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Every May, KMLA stages a Coming-of-Age Ceremony to celebrate the transition to adulthood for third graders. Generally, female students attend alongside their mothers and boys their fathers; but on rare occasions, girls participate with their fathers, and boys their mothers. The headmaster attends as the guest of honor.


During the ceremony, female students are called ‘Gyeja’ and males ‘Gwanja’. Many important rituals take place, the most symbolic being the ‘Gwanrye,’ ‘Gyerye,’ and ‘Ja’ awarding ceremony. During the Gwanrye and Gyerye, teachers place a ‘Gat’ on the heads of males and ‘Ayam’ on females; these are traditional outdoor hats worn by older people and represent the transition to wearing adult attire. During the ‘Ja,’ students are given the name they wish to be known by.


Students also celebrate their coming-of-age through the repaying of their parent’s love by serving them tea during the ‘Jinda.’ After, parents place flowers on their child’s head and present them with gifts known as the ‘Sabhwa’.


Through the Coming-of-Age Ceremony, students express gratitude to their parents for the sacrifices made in raising them. And commit to living responsible lives as adults.


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