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Student Department Activities in KMLA

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There are many features that distinguish KMLA from other secondary schools in the nation. But in this article, I would like to introduce the 13 student departments and their activities. Every student is required to join one of these departments in freshman year and remain an active member throughout their entire time at KMLA. Below is a short overview of each.

1. Department of School Events Management
The main function of this department involves planning, organizing and staging school events, including the Christmas Party, Freshmen Welcoming Party, and Eve Festival. Members of this department also prepare activities for important school holidays, like collecting student letters to present to faculty on Teachers Day and preparing graduation gifts for seniors.
2. Department of Justice
This department manages student court proceedings, held every Thursday evening. Members work closely with the Judicial Branch of the student council in conducting investigations and assembling court dockets. Members also manage penalty points given to students for violating school regulations.

3. Department of Student Guidance
Members of this department encourage and guide students to adhere to school rules. They monitor students leaving the dorm every morning and afternoon to make sure they exit the building on time and are properly wearing their school uniform. Members also assist during special school lectures, working to ensure students are paying close attention.

4. Department of Audit and Self-Inspection
This department audits the work of every student department, as well as the student council. Audits are conducted 4 times per year in the presence of members of each department, the goal being to ensure that everyone is performing their responsibilities in a satisfactory manner.

5. Department of Food and Nutrition
Members of this department monitor students at every meal to ensure no food is wasted. They also organize and manage other food-related activities, including monthly “Chicken Day” by placing orders and delivering food to every dorm room so students can bond and enjoy a meal with their roommates.

6. Department of Broadcasting
Students in this department manage all sorts of technical equipment related to school broadcasts, including those in various lecture halls and the main auditorium. Members also organize a film festival every semester open to all students.

7. Department of Treasury
This department manages financial matters related to student clubs. During the annual school festival, they oversee the school budget along with Minsa Pay, the payment method used by students for snacks, food, and drinks.

8. Department of Club Activities
Members in this department check on the progress of each club and manage their activities, no small task considering there are hundreds of student clubs at KMLA.

9. Department of School Environment
Students in this department encourage everyone to properly dispose of waste at the many recycle centers on campus, including those in each hall and next to the dormitory. Members also promote campus cleanliness among students and organize special activities for Environment Day.

10. Department of Library Service
Members of this department assist the librarian and staff by helping to check out materials, return borrowed items to their proper location and maintain library cleanliness. They learn so much that they become librarians in their own right.

11. Department of Education
This department organizes and oversees the Dasan Academic Seminar, one of the most important and largest events that takes place each year. Members also work closely with the school to solve problems when enrollment opens for courses each semester.

12. Department of Physical Education
Students in this department manage the annual sports festival, also one of the biggest and most important events annually. During the school year, members also help to arrange chairs, rooms and facilities for special lectures that take place.

13. Department of English Only Policy 
Members of this department strive to encourage students to adhere to the English Only Policy. They continuously think of new and creative methods to promote English. They also host an English broadcast during every lunch.

This was just a short introduction to KMLA’s student departments. Members strive to do their best for their department and work closely with other departments and the school to enhance student satisfaction. Members take a great deal of pride in their department’s efforts and contributions to KMLA, and learn many skills during their three year involvement. Working alongside team members, students also foster lasting friendships and memories.

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