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School Parties in KMLA

페이지 정보

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KMLA students love school parties. Each provides a break from the many demands in and out of class, a chance to relieve stress by dancing, singing, and just having a good time. Students also enjoy the opportunity to dress up, show off their party outfits and take pictures with friends.

Each year, three major parties are organized and staged entirely by the students.

First is the Freshmen Welcoming Party, which takes place in March after newly admitted students complete their month-long orientation. The Cultural Planning Department gets things started by opening various booths where students can play games and win cool prizes. Afterwards, performances take place on stage—everything from rock bands to guitar solos and dance routine groups. The student audience, especially the freshmen, is awed by every group that performs, and everyone loves to dance and rock out. And, true to its name, the Freshmen Welcoming Party is meant to celebrate KMLA’s newest wave of students and wish them the best.

The Eve Festival is another major party, and is held at the end of KMLA’s Summer Session. What makes the Eve Festival cool is that even more bands and clubs are able to perform, including Rhyme Factory, Bokgopung (a dance club), hip-hop groups, and a whole list of others. In fact, so many groups wish to participate that it takes a great deal of time to work out the logistics of getting everyone on and off stage at the right time so everyone can perform.  And of course, students love the chance to dress up, take pictures, and let loose for the night.

The last major party of the year is the Christmas Party, which takes place in December. Bands and groups show off their skills, while everyone else dresses up and has a great time. But what makes this party unique is that it marks the final opportunity for grade 2 students to perform before starting their all-important year as grade 3 seniors.

Unfortunately, the 2021 Christmas Party was cancelled, which saddened students. Even so, by following all COVID prevention guidelines, KMLA students were able to successfully stage both the Freshmen Welcoming Party and Eve Festival.

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