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Minjok Peer Tutoring

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Unlike most Korean schools which require students to follow a strict general curriculum, KMLA provides a vast array of course options for students to choose from. Be it science, math, the social sciences or humanities, students can deeply explore their field (or fields!) of interest through KMLA’s many specialized offerings. In addition, students unsure of their passion can explore courses in every field to see if something sparks their interest.

KMLA also encourages students to ask questions in class and visit teachers during office hours if they require additional assistance. But KMLA goes one step further through the Minjok Peer Tutoring (MPT) system, where students provide additional teaching and tutoring to peers seeking assistance.

The typical MPT student volunteer is someone who has a passion for a specific subject, who has completed many KMLA courses in that field, and excelled in them. These students then join the MPT and provide everything from one-on-one tailored tutorials to group sessions for their campus peers. Minjok Peer Tutors are available throughout the semester, and they even dedicate time to helping others during the busy midterm and final exam periods.

Students who work as Minjok Peer Tutors love the opportunity to share their knowledge. Plus, as they prepare their lesson plans, MPT volunteers get the opportunity to review materials they previously studied, which helps reinforce their own knowledge. And they often devise creative ways to ensure their tutees will be able to master whatever is being taught. But what they really love is seeing their peers deepen their knowledge, increase their confidence, and improve their performance in class.

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