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School Contests in KMLA

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There are numerous competitions held in KMLA, each providing terrific opportunities for students to explore and demonstrate their skills outside the classroom. Through this article, I would like to introduce you to each of these events, all of which successfully took place in 2021 by adhering to COVID-19 prevention protocols.
1. Mangyeong Essay Contest
The Mangyeong Essay Contest is the largest competition in terms of student participants. It is divided into mathematics, the earth sciences and natural sciences, plus the humanities, social sciences and English. The Mangyeong Essay Contest enables students to demonstrate their knowledge in various ways, from problem solving and explaining difficult concepts or theories to creative writing and expressing their thoughts and ideas in a logical manner.
2. Dasan Academic Festival
The Dasan Academic Festival is the biggest and the most prestigious competition in the school. Students prepare for this competition over many months, often an entire semester or more. Among the divisions they can enter are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and the Humanities. As the event is highly competitive, students must first pass a screening process where their paper and work are evaluated by teacher committees.
Students selected for the Dasan Academic Festival present to students and teachers their topic explored, along with their research, experiments and completed thesis. While doing so, they must be able to answer questions and defend their work when questioned by the audience. It goes without saying that participants must fully understand the contents and detailed processes and results of their research.
3. Baekiljang
A creative writing contest, the Baekiljang is the only event in which all students participate. It is held around October 9th every year to commemorate Hangeul Day. The event lasts for one hour, whereby students write a verse or prose response to a given topic. Students can complete their work at any of the many school venues opened for the event.
4. Huiho Contest
The Huiho Contest is particularly special for students who completed calligraphy in first grade and Korean painting in second grade. For the calligraphy component, students reproduce a given article using their skills. For painting, students are evaluated on their artistic skill. Winning entries are honored by being displayed in Dasan and Chungmoo Halls. While designed for students who completed courses in calligraphy and Korean painting, the Huiho is open to all students.
5. Mangyeong Classic/Science Book Report Competition
These events takes place each semester. For the Mangyeong Classic Book Report Competition, students choose among a list of books designated by the school. After reading their chosen work, students then select two additional classics to read. Only on the event day do participants learn the topic. They then complete their response based on their three readings completed.
The Mangyeong Science Book Review Competition is held in the same format using science related books determined by the school.
For avid KMLA readers, these events are terrific opportunities.
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