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Regular Homecoming

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Homecoming takes place twice per year, during Lunar New Year and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). As these holidays hold great importance to Koreans and the KMLA community, the school organizes busses to return students to their homes throughout the country. For anyone who has ever visited Express Bus Terminal in Seoul, the scene outside the KMLA dormitory looks much the same: busses fill the parking lot, students load their suitcases and belongings, and teachers help guide them. As the busses depart, teachers wave goodbye and wish students a great vacation and time with their families.
These Homecoming trips have taken on even greater importance during COVID-19. Before the pandemic, students were allowed to return home every other weekend. But as part of KMLA’s efforts to maintain a safe environment for everyone in the community, the school encouraged students to always remain on campus, and even banned outsiders from visiting the school. Thankfully, everyone in the KMLA Family has done their best to follow these suggestions and COVID-19 prevention measures.
But one consequence is that students were unable to meet their parents, siblings and other family members in person. So naturally, the chance to finally return for Homecoming means a great deal to them: a chance to connect with and appreciate the importance of family, celebrate the two most important holidays and their traditions, and honor their ancestors.
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