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2021 Hoengseong Sports Club Competition

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The countywide Hoengseong Sports Club Competition takes place in the second semester of each year. Sadly, because of COVID-19, the event was cancelled in 2020. But it returned this year and KMLA students eagerly participated in various sports, including soccer, volleyball, and basketball.
CGV, the boys’ varsity soccer team, got things off to a great start by securing a victory over Hoengseong High School, and ultimately taking home first place in the football tournament. But CGV faced stiff competition in the futsal tournament that followed, losing its matches to Hyeoncheon High School, Dunnae High School, and Hoengseong High school.
In the volleyball tournament, the girls’ varsity team, MVP, brought home first place with victories over Hyeoncheon High School and Hoengseong Girls High School. While the varsity boys’ team, also known as MVP, also won both its matches against Hoengseong High School and Hyeoncheon High School, they ended up winning second place based on sets won/lost and points scored/surrendered.
Crossover, the varsity boys’ basketball team took first place after defeating Hoengseong High School and Hyeoncheon High School.
In the weeks leading up to the Hoengseong Sports Club Competition, the KMLA sports teams put in a lot of extra training and practice, not easy to do because of their busy schedules. And while our student athletes were happy with their outcomes in the event, just as rewarding were the opportunities to prepare with team members ahead of the event, cheer for other KMLA teams in the competition, and connect with students who share their sports passion from other high schools.
The competition was held in accordance with the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, as were all practice and training sessions by the KMLA sports teams while preparing for the event.
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