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Literary Contest

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The KMLA Literary Contest is held every October to celebrate Hangeul Proclamation Day. In 2021, it took place on October 3rd, with all first and second year students participating. Lasting some three hours, the event consists of both a prose and verse field. For the prose section, students complete an essay; for the verse component, they compose three or more poems.

Each year also contains special themes. Included in 2021 were the Korean Language (나랏말ᄊᆞᆷ), The Road to Deokgungwan, The Past year and the Future, Friendship or love, Anxiety, Obsession, and Hangeul, the Next Chapter.

With some 300 students partaking in the Literary Contest, venues across the campus are used, including Dasan Hall, Chungmoo Hall, and Mingyo Hall; weather permitting, students even use outdoor facilities. When students are done with their works, they share them with their peers, then submit them for review. Award winning entries are posted on the official school website, and can be viewed by visitors. Be sure to check them out.

This year’s Literary Contest concluded successfully with everyone involved following all COVID-19 prevention protocols.

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