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Dormitory Life in KMLA

페이지 정보

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KMLA is a boarding school, with all students residing in Deokgo Hall. Boys occupy the 1st through 4th floors, plus the 9th and 10th floors, while girls live on the 5th through 8th floors. Four elevators and two stairwells help students navigate throughout the building.

6 students live in each unit which contains two rooms and a shared restroom. In junior year, rooms are assigned based on primary academic interest so students can collaborate and help one another out; even so, students can easily be seen visiting rooms of friends with different interests to explore, share and exchange ideas.

During self-study periods in the evening, students can complete assignments in their rooms or use the main study hall on the 11th floor which is open to everyone. During midterm and final exam periods, the 11th floor hall quickly fills; finding an open seat can be challenging, so students arrive early to secure a spot. While the 11th floor is a quiet study hall, students can also use the 12th floor dining hall to discuss group projects, study together, work on their student organizations and club activities, or simply chat with friends.

Through dormitory life at KMLA, students independently learn to manage and balance their lifestyle with the demands of their courses and activities outside of class. They overcome hardships faced by working through them. And they learn how to live with others and offer a helping hand. Three years of life in Deokgo Hall play a central role in fostering the KMLA Family spirit.

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