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Dasan Symposium

페이지 정보

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Numerous contests and competitions take place on campus each year, everything from economics, mathematics and debate to science, writing, book reports, calligraphy and so much more. Like the Dasan Symposium, where students select a novel idea to explore, conduct research--which often includes designing, constructing and carrying out experiments--and then outline their work and findings in a university level thesis. There are 18 divisions students can choose among, and they can enter as individuals or collaborate with others by forming a team.

The culmination of their months of research is the Dasan Symposium, which takes place during Summer Session. Participants get to share their projects with their teachers and peers through presentations. Students love the opportunity to attend as many as possible, be it to learn something new or to increase their knowledge across various fields. Presenters also get the chance to answer questions from their peers, along with the opportunity to defend their work through teacher questions.

Regardless of who wins a prize, preparing for Dasan Symposium itself is highly meaningful. Because it’s an opportunity for students to carry out self-directed learning and obtain knowledge beyond school textbooks.

During the 2021 Dasan Symposium, every effort was made to ensure COVID-19 protocols were strictly followed.  Presenters and audience members wore masks at all times. Social distancing measures were established and monitored. And windows were opened to ensure ventilation.

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