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Integrated Project

페이지 정보

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In KMLA, there are three convergence subjects: Integrated Reading, Convergence & Imagination, and Integrated Project. After gaining foundational knowledge though reading, research and discussions in Integrated Reading, students transition to brainstorming and planning projects in Convergence & Imagination, which allows them to develop their creativity and thinking skills. The culmination of these efforts takes place in Integrated Project.

For Integrated Project, students converge from various academic fields by forming a team that seeks to transform an idea into something tangible. KMLA generously supports each project with funding. Two teachers oversee each team, but projects are student-led throughout the entire process. When finished, they share their creations in the Integrated Project Poster Presentation Contest, where top projects are awarded.

The images above are from the 2020 contest. The “VR Campus” team transformed the KMLA campus into virtual reality so people could experience the entire school without actually having to visit. VR Campus was awarded the Gold Medal and their project was shared on the school website. 

Another great project from the 2020 Integrated Project Poster Presentation Contest was “DukGo.” This team won the Bronze Medal for developing a working app that tracks everything from the current location of the four elevators in the dorm, to the status of items scheduled for delivery, and even the school menu and real-time student court list. The goal behind the project was to make student life a bit more convenient. Following the contest, this team continued refining and developing its app.

As can be seen above, the Integrated Project is a student-directed effort that has brings positive impacts to campus peers, is helpful to the school, and is an incubator for ingenious ideas that can better society. The Integrated Project is also a great stepping stone for students to realizing their dreams.

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