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KMLA Barbecues

페이지 정보

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Barbecues are just that, a chance for students and teachers to prepare meals together at the BBQ pits, located next to the football field. Virtually every evening, you can see (and smell) students enjoying time with their homeroom teachers, club advisors, and teachers from every course.

As one might expect, students grill items like pork, beef, and hot dogs. Even prawns! Kimchi and rice are served, often with other side dishes, baked potatoes and cheese sticks. And KMLA students have created some deliciously ingenious recipes for cheese ramen.

But barbecues mean much more to the KMLA Family than simply eating and having fun. They enable campus clubs, classes and groups to strengthen their camaraderie and sense of belonging. With great company, great food, and even music playing, each barbecue becomes its own little festival. And happy memory maker.

The above picture was taken in 2019, just before COVID-19 broke out. While BBQ’s were cancelled in 2020, they gradually began again in 2021 with students and teachers following strict quarantine guidelines: removing masks only when eating, maintaining social distancing and no sharing of utensils. To ensure everyone’s safety, fewer groups are allowed to gather, and BBQ’s are allowed only after all students and teachers test negative.

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