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Student Council of KMLA

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Student Council of KMLA

KMLA students have tons of things on their plate. Busy as they are preparing for quizzes, mid-terms, AP tests, and other important work, elections for student council take place each semester, with students appreciating the importance of work of the student government.

The KMLA Student Council is entirely self-governing and mirrors the actual government branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. The roles of each branch, or council, are also similar to those of the nation. The Legislative Council’s main work involves making announcements to the student body during weekly assembly every Monday. It is also responsible for class discussions held every Tuesday. The Legislative Council has the power to audit other departments, and can even impeach a council member when it has rightful reasons to do so. The Executive Council takes charge of school events, and oversees work that is not in the jurisdiction of other councils. The Judicial Council’s main role is overseeing weekly student court. The student council is also regularly audited by specific student departments.

In KMLA, the media and press play an important role in elections. Members from the school newspapers evaluate each candidate’s campaign promises, check whether their pledges are valid, and evaluate their abilities and potential. Press members also organize Q&A sessions, where students can observe candidates answering questions about their public pledges, political stances, how they would handle potential problems during their term. This experience allows students to select the most suitable leaders for the school. All in all, these factors enable a robust check and balance system of the student council and make KMLA seem like a small country.

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