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Matching Day, Organized by Sok-Sak-Im

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Matching Day, Organized by Sok-Sak-Im

Every semester, the KMLA student counseling organization, Sok-Sak-Im, arranges meetings between the freshmen, juniors, and seniors. This allows freshmen to obtain practical information and get a better understanding of their life in KMLA.

Unlike Matching Evening, another Sok-Sak-Im activity where each freshmen dorm room is paired to a room of juniors, Matching Day is highly structured. Freshmen first fill out Google Forms related to things like their planned major, clubs they’ve gained membership to, and whether they’re international or domestic. Then, about 15 Sok-Sak-Im members invest many hours assigning each freshman with seniors and juniors who share similar interests. The upperclassmen, sun-baes, then meet with their freshmen, hu-baes, to share their school experiences and provide invaluable advice.

Matching Day is a priceless opportunity for freshmen to get tips about life at KMLA and college preparation. At the same time, juniors and seniors can enjoy their time by sharing their KMLA-specialized-skills to eager freshmen while recollecting their own precious memories or life lessons.
And all students feel warmth and a sense of belonging within the school community through Matching Day.

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