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Freshmen Welcome Party

페이지 정보

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Freshmen Welcome Party

Last Saturday (3/27), the Freshmen Welcome Party was held to celebrate the admission of 26th wavers. The event is usually held in February during the freshmen orientation period, but this year it was pushed back to March due to COVID-19.

The Freshmen Welcome Party begins with booth activities organized by the Department of School Events Management. This year, a face painting booth, a Polaroid photo booth, and numerous game booths were opened. Students were able to enjoy these activities for free or at a low price.

Following the booth activities, a concert was held. The concert is the highlight of the Freshman Welcome Party, where students perform everything from rap and dance to rock and ballads. Unlike last year, the audience was allowed to stand during the concert, so everyone enjoyed the show by jumping together to various beats. During the performance by the rock band PLZ, the highlight performance every year, students rushed the stage and enjoying themselves by singing along. And this year, Eopji, a group composed of 26th wave female students from the Department of School Events Management, had the students roaring with their unique concepts and costumes.

The Freshmen Welcome Party is meaningful because it helps students build precious memories and relieve the stress from their rigorous KMLA life. But most importantly, students can wholeheartedly congratulate the freshmen by dressing up nicely, taking pictures with them, helping to break the ice, and, of course, welcome them to KMLA.

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