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Taking Classes on My Own, Course Registration

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Taking Classes on My Own, Course Registration

When discussing the uniqueness of Korean Minjok Leadership Academy (KMLA), course registration is something that can never be left out. One unique feature of KMLA that differs from middle school is that students can freely enroll in the classes they wish to join instead of adhering to a school designated timetable.

We can easily see students contemplating their many options during the course registration season at KMLA. The question of registering for a course goes further than simply thinking about what subjects to take. Students take into consideration a number of factors, such as whether the subjects are related to their future career and majors, whether they feel they can do well in the subject, or whether they meet any pre-requisite requirements. If students are curious about the overall outline of any course, they can refer to the syllabi that teachers post or ask for advice from friends and seniors who have already taken it.

Another unique feature of KMLA is that students can gather friends and ask a teacher to open a course that may not have been scheduled to open. In KMLA, career elective courses focusing on SAT Subject Tests, AP’s, and professional courses are also offered, unlike general high schools. Hence, any concerns resulting from selecting courses are considered “happy worries” caused by the broad spectrum of options.

All KMLA courses are designated into a specific "module,” and students may choose one subject per module. While freshmen are required to take common subjects per Ministry of Education guidelines, they can choose freely in the K module (where courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Economics, and Psychology are offered) and in the second foreign language module (Chinese, French, and Spanish). On the other hand, juniors and seniors are pretty much allowed to enroll in any course they desire. Basic subjects such as Korean, English, and Mathematics are offered in the D1, D2, D3 modules, while subjects in the Social Sciences, Sciences, and Foreign Languages are offered in the G, K, L, M modules (an N module is provided for seniors only). Since KMLA students choose their own classes according to their interests and abilities, they participate more actively and with more responsibility, and feel great satisfaction with the classes.
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