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Resonating Student Voices, Student Press Committee

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Resonating Student Voices, Student Press Committee

During elections for student council, KMLA respects student autonomy at every step. As candidates run for legislative, executive, and judicial council positions, the Student Press Committee contributes by monitoring the pledges of every candidate. 
The Student Press Committee consists of members from the official school newspapers: Bulwhi (Korean) and Minjok Herald (English). These clubs typically focus on reporting about school news and issues of conflict within the school, writing editorials and conducting interviews.

However, during elections, the Student Press Committee captain convenes volunteers from both newspapers. Traditionally, the Minjok Herald captain oversees the first semester, while the Bulwhi captain takes charge of second semester elections. The responsibilities of the Student Press Committee include recording and verifying candidate pledges through fact-check sheets and analysis articles. In addition, the committee conducts Q&A sessions known as press hearings, where candidates are rigorously questioned.
Participating in the Student Press Committee requires a great deal of sacrifice and dedication. It is no easy task uploading the latest information on each candidate and the election in general while also completing assignments and preparing for class. Nevertheless, many students volunteer because they recognize the importance of the Student Press Committee. And the student body appreciates their efforts that contribute to the maintenance of the student autonomy system.
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