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Morning Exercise

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Morning Exercise

Mornings at KMLA are quite unique. Students rise to a song that echoes throughout the entire dormitory at 6 a.m. They then make their way to the gym for “Morning Exercise,” which lasts for 30 minutes with a teacher. 6 a.m. is quite early for the students, so they often arrive at the gym with their eyes half-closed but quickly perk up once they begin.

Morning Exercise is one of the most representative features of KMLA. In order to help develop regular life cycles and improve their health, the school requires all students to participate. As Morning Exercise is part of the official school curriculum, students have to retake the course if they do not perform to expectations.

The curriculum differs by grade because KMLA wants students to experience various activities. First graders engage in Kumdo or Taekwondo, second graders jog, and third graders do calisthenics. First graders are also required to wear Kumdo or Taekwondo uniforms so that they can fully focus on the exercise. Morning exercise is an essential and daily part of KMLA life, as are regular PE classes throughout the day.

Exercising regularly for three years and exchanging their precious morning sleep with morning exercise is tiring for the students. However, in the long run, it certainly helps in their overall school life that requires a lot of physical strength.

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